Kilimanjaro Guide - Service Day at Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind

My first full day in Tanzania consisted of my groups community service day at Mwereni School for the Blind in Moshi. It was an amazing experience talking to the children in my broken Swahili and their broken English about their experiences at the school. They had a huge thank you ceremony for the gifts that we had brought them, and it felt great to help out those in need and to see the results of past years donations. In short, they are putting all of the donations collected by Kevin’s K2 Foundation to very good use. Watching their faces light up as they showed us their computer lab was great.

Aside from visiting the school and helping out there, the first day was pretty laid back, as we headed back to the hotel after that. The jet lag didn’t hit me too badly because of my great night sleep the previous night, however, this was the time to catch up if you needed it. It was also good to check all of my gear again before heading up the next day and starting the climb. I would highly recommend a transition day at your hotel, in Moshi/Arusha/(wherever you stay) after you arrive and before you climb. It allows you to get everything in order and to recover from any jetlag that you may be suffering from. You should also start taking your Diomox, or whatever altitude medicine you have, if you are going to take it, because you need at least a day of the medicine before it really takes effect.